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Yazmin's message to the Institute of Aquatic Ecology

Hello everybody, my name is Yazmin, I am a Master student in environmental science. I come from Mexico and I had the lucky to had a

Preparation and slicing of sediment cores form the RSD
Preparation and slicing of RSD's sediment cores

summer practice in the Institute of Aquatic Ecology supervised by Krisztina Buczkó. My tasks were preparing subsamples from cores obtained from Soroksár-Ráckeve Danube Arm (RSD). 

  • First, we opened the core, and I sliced each centimeter of different cores sizes. It was interesting to see what was inside the core, each part contained a different life history.
  • Another task was to learn to use a particle size analyser equipment, which is used to characterize the size distribution of particles in a given sample. After processing the samples with different reagents, the grain size was measured, this part requires a lot of time and accuracy. I can say that each part is important to provide and, since it allows us to give more accurate results of what we want to study. Finally, this information was saved it to analyze the measured data collected.

For me this methodology that I've learnt and used during my internship will be a really useful tool for my studies, due I will work with a lake and one of the tasks will be analyze and sampling which is part of what I learned.

When I look at the Danube River, I have a pleasant felling, who make me thing how this beautiful and huge aquatic system has survived to different changes in the humanity history.

Thank for the accommodation, I really appreciate it, the place was comfortable and safety, I was really enjoyed and appreciate the opportunity of have been able to learn from the expertise’s.

Thank you, Institute of Aquatic Ecology!

Sincerely Yazmin