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Suggested talk structures

We ask you to introduce your group and your own research work for the audience who are not familiar with your work.

Please, summarize available training set data for your proxy, if you collected training set samples, please describe the methodology you used and the accompanying environmental data measured. Please, mention what type of metadata you consider important and what are your suggestions for harmonized training set sample collection in East-Central Europe.

Please, show us the number of proxy records covering the last 500 yr in your region and the results these records show. Please, also give details of the dating methods applied and if possible make suggestions for sites that are planned to be cored or just simply suitable for coring both in mountain and lowland environments in this region. In case of the pollen-based land cover reconstruction, please take into account the geographical evenness of the suggested data points. In case of other proxies the selection of remote and heavily managed environments is also important.

Finally, please use the ppt template available on this website. We will record the talks and will ask you whether you agree to share your presentation after the end of the workshop on the YouTube channel of ELTE.  

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