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CenTrain500 Workshop







Dear Workshop Participants,

Thank you for your application for the CenTrain500 workshop. Based on your feedback, we put together the program of the workshop what you can find attached to this e-mail.

Please, look at the program and if you are a presenter, check whether the allocated timeslot is OK for you. We are preparing for a hybrid event with about half of the talks taking place in person and the other half online. For this reason, you will find a zoom link for each session. Those who are coming, will enjoy the talks on a large screen, but at the same time these talks will be available via zoom for the online participants, and in case you agree, will be recorded.

As you see in the program, the group leaders (János Korponai, Ladislav Hamerlik, Krisztina Buczkó, Enikő Magyari) will supervise the work of three group tasks taking place in the evening of 11 November and morning of 12 November. They will be in contact with you to help you preparing for the group tasks. The diatom, clacocera and chironomid group will also organise a taxonomic identification exercise on 13 November.

It is still hard to calculate how the virus situation evolves until 11 November. At the moment face masks are obligatory when you use the public transport, but no further restrictions have been announced.

We would be delighted if you could confirm in an email the mode of your participation. Please, send this email to and also to your group leader. In case you travel to Budapest, please send us your arrival and departure time.

Please, also visit the website of the workshop for further information:

For the evening of 11 November we organise a social event. We hope that many of you can join us for a dinner and/or drink in the The Hadik Café that is situated just about 1 km away from the workshop venue in the trendy Bartók Béla Street. We will meet at 7 pm. Please, send an e-mail to Zoltán Szabó ( ) if you are interested, as we need to book a table.


We look forward to meet you next week!

All best wishes,

Eniko Magyari on behalf of the organising team 


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