Ugrás a tartalomra


Social event

We hope that many of you can join us in the evening of 11 November for a dinner and/or drink in the The Hadik Café that is situated just about 1 km away from the workshop venue in the trendy Bartók Béla Street. This Café used to be the haunt of prominent Hungarian literary figures, such as Frigyes Karinthy, Dezső Kosztolányi and Tibor Déry.

Suggested talk structures

We ask you to introduce your group and your own research work for the audience who are not familiar with your work.

Please, summarize available training set data for your proxy, if you collected training set samples, please describe the methodology you used and the accompanying environmental data measured. Please, mention what type of metadata you consider important and what are your suggestions for harmonized training set sample collection in East-Central Europe.

Cost and funding

Participation in the workshop is free of charge. We cannot support your travel costs, but we can provide free accommodation at the Institute of Aquatic Ecology for 4 persons.

Please, contact the local organiser Krisztina Buczko (, if you would like to take this opportunity.